Covid-19 EmergencyWe have published a COVID-19 EMERGENCY WEBSITE for internal use and for our staff.
Link available at HR Alha Group website.

CoolBox, the new refrigerated dolly for Pharma shipmentsAlha Group presents CoolBox, the brand new refrigerated dolly for temperature-sensitive products, already fully operational in Milan MXP.

Emergency contactsWe have published an EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST.
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Emergency contacts

Numeri di emergenza aziendali, da contattare in caso di necessità e da fornire alle autorità sanitarie per poter consentire il contatto tra queste e l’azienda in caso di positività.

Work Groups and Task Forces

  • Security is one of today’s greatest challenges for airlines, airports and governments: as an IATA Strategic Partner and Member of the IATA Security Work Group, Alha focuses on the development of innovative security solutions to make the concept of security for air freight seamless, easier and accurate.

    IATA Strategic Partnership - Security Work Group (SEC)
  • Alha Group is member of the IATA Cargo Messaging Working Group (formerly Cargo-XML Task Force), established as a Cargo Operations and Technology Board Subgroup.
    IATA Cargo Messaging Working Group (CMWG)
  • Together with Pisa Universitiy, Caen RFID Srl and Omnia Service Italia Srl, Alha is a member of e-Quality 4 Logistics, a joint project for innovative logistic solutions development.

    The aim of the project is the realization, through the research and integration of ICT solutions and RFID technologies, of an innovative service that allows the control of the goods transported and increases the quality of the logistics of the transport of perishable, fragile or valuable goods.

    e-Quality 4 Logistics